Emergency Preparedness

Fire Fighting Details

 Ascertain cause of fire:-

  • General fire (cloth, wood, waste paper ect.)
  • Electrical fire (Short circuit fire, TV, AC Washing machine, ect …)

Do not use water if it is electrical fire. Switch off electrical supply.

  • Alert other by breaking the glass of the manual call point which is available in each lobby.

Use fire extinguishers.

  • P- PULL safety pin from handle.
  • A- AIM (nozzle, cone, and horn) at base of the fire.
  • S-SQUEEZE the trigger handle.
  • S- SWEEP from side to side (watch for re-flash).

NEVER use elevators, use staircase for escape.

Stay low to avoid smoke, fumes and super-heated gases that may have entered.

Close doors as you leave to confine the fire as much as possible.

Switch off main electrical switch in the flat.

If fire doesn`t come under control activate the fire hose reel which are fitted on the fire duct on every floor by breaking the glass pane if required.

In case fire spreads fire response team will activate the hydrant system.

In case of fire from outside the building fire response team will be activate the fire hydrant system.

Emergency Contact No.

For Emergency Please contact the following persons:

Fire Officer NRI complex : 9137154861
Security Officer NRI complex : 9137154852
Security Officer NRI Complex : 9137154853
Deepak Dwivedi NRI Complex : 9930157356
Munish Yadav Fire Man NRI Complex : 9653434317
Vashi Fire Brigade No. : 022-27660101
Fire Officer NRI complex : 9137154861
CBD Belapur Fire Brigade NO. : 022-27572111
Ambulance :+91-8976586985
Police Station : 022 2757 2209

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Good housekeeping must be ensured

  • Always use ashtrays while smoking and deposit smoked butts in them after extinguishing.

  • All receptacles for waste should be emptied at regular intervals.

  • Faulty Electrical appliances should be repaired/replaced immediately.

  • Use good quality fuses of correct rating, miniature circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers.

  • Switch off the electric supply of the fire affected areas.

  • Welding/cutting jobs should be carried out under strict supervision.

  • Keep smoke/fire check doors in the staircase closed.

  • Keep the escape routes/staircases free of any obstructions.

  • Paper, clothes and flammable liquid should be kept away from heaters/stoves/open choolahs.

  • Keep LPG stove on raised platform and never on the floor.

  • Turn off the cylinder value and burner knob of the gas stove after cooking.

  • Keep a bucket of water handy while using fireworks. In case of burn injuries due to fire, pour water over burn till pain subsides.

  • Never forget to activate alarm.

  • Use I.S.I. certified appliances.

  • Don’t use lift/elevator when fire breaks out.

  • Don’t dispose off lighted cigarette ends carefully.

  • Do not block the fire escape/ staircase with the domestic materials.

  • Don’t plug too many electrical appliances in one socket.

  • Don’t fiddle with electrical fixtures like plugs, wire switches and sockets.

  • Never have temporary or naked joins on wiring.

  • Don’t lay wires under carpets, mats or doorways. They get crushed, resulting in short circuiting.

  • Don’t leave spray cans near heaters or in direct sunlight, they could explode.

  • Don’t throw matches, cigarette ends or pipe ash into waste paper baskets.

  • Don’t place oil lamps, agarbattis or candles on the floor or near combustible material.

  • Don’t wear loose, flowing clothes while cooking, specially avoid synthetic clothing.

  • Never reach for any article over a fire.

  • Don’t refill a burning stove. And never leave open fire unattended.

  • Don’t leave diya/agarbatti lightened at your premises while leaving the flat.

  • Don’t use substandard fixtures, appliances.

Emergency Preparedness