Board Of Directors

The Company is managed by a Board of Directors, elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. All the directors except Nominee Director work in honorary capacity and are not entitled to any remuneration. Residents desirous of societal service to the organization should join the Board through the process of election done at AGM in conformity with the Companies Act, 2013 or at least become members of the technical committees/groups formed for specific tasks.

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    Mrs. Vineeta Srinandan

    Chairperson & Director- Cultural & Club

  • null

    Mr. B. N. Garudachar

    Director – Maintenance

  • null

    Mrs. Swathi Suryanarayan

    Director – Garden

  • null

    Mrs. Chitra Choudhary

    Vice Chairperson & Director – Housekeeping

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    Mrs. Meenakshi Bhalla

    Director – Secretarial

  • null

    Mr. Rohit Chaudhary

    Director – Security, HR and Admin

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    Mrs. Neelima Kale

    Director – Sports

  • null

    Mrs. Sunita Sethia

    Director – Finance & Legal

  • null

    Mr. Naresh Baral

    Director – Residents support to Institutional (IDBI, SBI & PNB) Residents

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    Mr. Nirjhar Gupta

    Director – Building Repairs

  • TBA

    Director – IT and Automation, Resident Engagement

  • null

    Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta

    Director – Special Projects

Emergency Preparedness